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About eFile 720

About eFile 720

eFile 720 is developed by a team of tax experts with one goal in mind, making tax filing simple for our valued clients. With over a decade of success building such platforms, we now can offer you the most simple, affordable, time-conservative eFiling tax service on the web!

Tax & Company INC, we have established in the fields of electronic tolling, taxation, electronic logging solutions, education, healthcare, e-commerce, and consulting services to customers around the world. We specialize in building effective long-term development teams for our customers, meeting technological and communication needs in multiple time zones.

SMART TRUCK ELD - www.smarttruckeld.com


Our all in one solution enables you to apply the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI), telematics and integrated analytics into daily fleet management operations and commercial truck insurance, leading to improved performance, lower insurance premiums and reduced operational costs directly impacting your bottom line positively. Our risk management investigative claims solution technologies offer anyone in commercial trucking the services they need to help reduce their costs.

Easy Form2290 - www.easyform2290.com

Easy Form2290

Easyform2290.com is the most simple affordable online portal to file Heavy Vehicle Usage Tax and it is authorized by the IRS to file 2290, 8849 forms.

SIMPLE IFTA - www.simpleifta.com


The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) facilitates fuel tax payments between the contiguous United States and Canadian Provinces. Its Standardized filing methods help transportation companies stay compliant with federal tax requirements. Simple IFTA is online powerful software used to calculate mileage and fuel details and to prepare IFTA report accurately for each quarter.

SIMPLE UCR - www.simpleucr.com


Simple UCR is a web based application that makes the Unified Carrier Registration process simpler and convenient to register online application.

Simple DOT Compliance - www.simpledotcompliance.com

Simple DOT Compliance

Simple Dot Compliance is a web-based application, provides two different ways to submit the application.i.e Filing Online or Filing Manual. Based on the Filing option, the user Updates MCS-150 forms at low fee. Enter your DOT and also check the current status of your fleet on FMCSA portal.

Simple Dot Drug Test - www.simpledotdrugtest.com

Simple Dot Drug Test

As a consortium third-party administrator, we provide truck drivers and carriers across America with compliance services for a wide range of DOT/ FMCSA requirements. We ensure you are up to date on drug and alcohol compliance so you can focus solely on keeping your trucks rolling and your drivers safe.